How to Make Green Pasta Salad (Tasty Tuesday Tip)


Hey Everybody!! Tasty Tuesday Tip!! So I had some green pasta that I purchased from the store some months ago. Guess What? I had not used it. It was rotini pasta made from a variety of greens such as spinach, zucchini, parsley, broccoli and kale. I never used it though. You how you buy something in hopes of making this dish with it, but never do and it end up going to waste, well that almost happened! The other day I noticed that the box of pasta would expire toward the end of the month of January and I knew I had to do something. I decided to just make a quick and easy pasta dish. Now this is not anything new or hard to prepare, but what I did was made a warm pasta salad instead of a cold pasta salad.


What I used to make this dish was 1 chicken breast, 1 can tomatoes, 1/4c Italian Dressing, 4 cups Raw Spinach, Parmesan Cheese(optional) and of course the Super Greens!! Doesn’t take much and very easy and time friendly. My kids saw the green pasta and were like “what’s that?” Well you know how that can be introducing something new.

After cooking chicken breast and boiling pasta(which smells just like greens when boiled), I put everything in my saucepan, I used my Rachel Ray pan which almost time to get rid of but I do love to cook with it!! Next added all other ingredients until start to wilt and that is about it. You can also eat this cold. Either way, this is a simple, healthy dish to try. My daughter actually liked it. She wanted to try some and she ate it. They are green but taste like regular pasta so “don’t be afraid of the GREEN!!!”

That’s all folks!! Remember Small Steps Equals  BIG Change!!! Keep taking small steps to healthier living!!!!!




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