Tips for Meal Planning for New Year!



Hey Everybody! So as we all know we are approaching a NEW YEAR and of course this is the time where you will hear and see those talking about making changes, losing weight, taking healthier steps and the list goes on and on. As we know, many will start off good and fall off, but there will be those who will stay the course and take the necessary steps and see real changes in their lives. I would like to give you a few tips that can help anyone achieve consistent change. What I come to realize is that change is hard at times and it can be a challenge balancing out family life, eating behaviors and so on, but that does not mean it is impossible.

If you are willing to establish some type of plan, I believe there will be success. It has been said that, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. This is definitely true. Few months ago I found out that we will be expecting our fourth child, so when you have small kids and working to creative a healthier, well balanced lifestyle, it does not come without road blocks!! One thing I’m learning is to continue to monitor my perspective and to keep taking small steps in the right direction.

Even if you feel as if you have fallen off the wagon, understand you can get back on and continue in the right direction. Try not to beat yourself up about but keep the mindset of moving forward. Below are a few tips you can include to help in meal planning:

#1 Create a 2 week cycle meal plan. (I’m in the process of working on this myself especially with dinnertime meals)

#2 Use what you have on hand as much as possible. (My husband and I have noticed that there are indeed meals you can come up with by using foods in the pantry).

#3 Keep fruits on hand. (Try to have healthy options..of course if there are honey buns in pantry ..guess what you will most likely pick…exactly!!!)

#4 Write down your grocery list before going to store. (Sounds old fashion but it helps with budgeting and helps you stay on track with meals)

#5 Stay focused and if you get a little off…don’t stop just refocus and keep it moving!!



Happy New Year!!!



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