Woman of Purpose & Destiny Gathering!!!



Hey Everybody!! I really enjoyed the Woman of Purpose & Destiny Gathering held in Tunica, MS!! God is always doing great things. This was started to help encourage, motivate and inspire women to be who God has called them to be. I believe that different generations of women can help build each other up. The theme for today was, Dangers of Conforming!! It was coming from Romans 12:1-2. I believe that we live in a society where it is so easy to conform to the ways of the world, but God is calling us to have transformed minds and to be more like Him. It is important that we lose the attitude of this age and adapt the ways of God. God wants to create something beautiful in you, but you first must take the step and give Him your life and allow Him to  change your way of thinking and lifestyle. I was so amazed at how the presence of God filled the room. People are in need of healing (physically, mentally and emotionally) and I believe today was a great start for many!!!!

We started off with a great Ice Breaker!! Everyone got to know each other and I believe it was fun for all!!!


We paired up with someone we didn’t know and asked questions!!! It was fun, exciting and it was great to meet new people. (Left) Jessie Haynes and Beritha Washington got to know each other better!!! (Right) Janautica Pollard got to know her partner and I think that enjoyed themselves.


It was selfie time! Everyone loves to take selfies, so we decided to have a little fun and snap it up!! These ladies have purpose and destiny. We were all inspired to continue to move forward in our purpose.


Zenobia Jackson who is the founder of the Butterfly Project gave some great information on what it means to conform and to be transformed. She shared that your true identity is only found in Jesus Christ. She said that it is important that you be comfortable with who you are. She stated that, “We miss out on what God has for us,” when we conform. She encouraged the people that we must be more like the church in ACTS!!

Anna Jones who is the author of the book, Learning to Love (My Story, God’s Glory) shared an awesome word and portion of her testimony from her book.  (Click link to purchase). She discussed how in college she began to conform and wanted to do it her way. She talked about how she drunk at this party and got alcohol poisoning and should have been dead, based on the doctor. She shared how God changed her life and how God had someone to speak to her and tell her that “God Loves You.” She has a really powerful testimony, but for more of her story, GRAB THE BOOK!!!

Many things were shared from the teens and the older women that truly was an encouragement. We laughed, cried, prayed and just spoke life into all that attended. Understand that we have a job to do and people need real help. I cannot share everything that was said, but I will say that healing is needed for many. Let’s make it our business to do our part and take STEPS to help someone else. I wrote a 10 Day Devotional Book called, One Day At a Time and if you need more daily encouragement, grab your copy (go to http://www.steps4change.net or get the e-book below!!


Remember you have purpose & destiny! God is calling you. So be encouraged and if you like to be apart of future STEP events, don’t hesitate to join and tell others!!!!!!!! Share with those you know need additional encouragement.

Below check out yesterday’s devotional moment!!

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