Hey Everybody! The Move It & Lose It 30 minute walk was started to help people to start to move! We all know that in our society social media, technology and other gadgets has caused us to be less active. Therefore, it is important to take “steps” that will lead to better health. I encourage you to start somewhere. For some, walking is great! Can you walk for 30 minutes? It may seem small, but it is a good start. I started this walk to get people in the community to get excited about health and to be more physically active. I believe that, “Small Steps Equals BIG Change” . If we are going to have change in our community, we must first be the CHANGE!!! Don’t expect things to change if you are not willing to put in the work for the change to happen.

This walk is for anyone, not just women! We must improve our communities. Obesity and other diseases are on the rise and I believe that there is a part that we play in decreasing diagnosis of some of these diseases. I encourage you to move! Mississippi has been one of the fattest states! Let’s be known for something more than how we eat. I believe that with small steps, many will see change in their lives. I desire to motivate, encourage and help you to take those steps! Let’s do it together! Next walk I will have will be in September. If you are not in area, but want to be apart of some of the things I am doing…you can always donate!!!

May God Bless You!!!


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