How to make kale, strawberry & chia seed smoothie!!

Hey Everybody! So today I decided to make a smoothie!!!! Smoothies can be apart of a healthy diet. Many times people struggle with eating more fruits and vegetables and at times, you may just feel like saying “what’s the use”. YOU CAN DO IT!! I must say that it takes a lot of discipline and self-control. If we are going to be people of God and grow spiritually, we must have some control over our spirit. On the other hand, there must also be control over our flesh/natural man as food is concerned. I believe that once we begin to understand how to eat better and put the proper foods in our bodies, we will even grow more spiritually. No, it is not a quick fix or lose 10 pounds in 10 days kind of thing. It has to be a lifestyle decision of you taking small steps. Will you get it right all the time? Maybe not. Will you feel as if it is too hard? Probably so. Can you try to do better? YES!!!!!! My motto is , Small Steps Equals BIG Change! The change you want to see starts with you. So I whipped up this simple recipe to help you if you want to incorporate smoothies in your eating plan!

What you need:

  • Kale (I bought a nice bunch for like . 98 cents!!)
  • Strawberries (think I used about 6 whole strawberries)
  • Chia Seeds (uh.. not sure how much I sprinkled, but just gave it a nice shake.. lol)


I used a NutriBullet and I really like it! If you don’t have one.. I recommend you purchasing you one of these.


Here are my ingredients!!!!


Add greens to cup.. just pressed them down!


Strawberries were next!!!


Added chia seeds and water!!!! Not sure what happen…seem like I added too much…probably not though!


Let’s blend. Blend Well…your desired consistency!!




That’s it! Nutritious & Healthy! Drink up!!!


Monica Gary♥♥

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