Homemade “Chili”

Hey Everybody! So for today’s Tasty Tuesday Tip I will show you how I made chili. It was very simple.  I did not use “chili powder”… I wanted to but I didn’t have any (and I didn’t know that). However, we all know it is getting cold so doing chili or other soups is always a good idea and a meal that can “stretch”. Here is what I used:

1 lb ground turkey

2 can of pinto beans

14 oz of crushed tomatoes

1/4 c of green & red peppers

diced onions

cumin & garlic powder

shredded cheese (optional)


So first, I browned my ground turkey in my pot!! It’s all ready to go!!!


Next I add my diced green & red peppers. Oh yea also my diced onions. Gave them a stir!!!


Crushed Tomatoes were then added and stir that in. I chose crushed tomatoes but of course you can use diced tomatoes if you like :).


Beans, Beans, Beans  (I don’t think I drained them). Stirred beans in with other ingredients.


Doesn’t this look yummy!!!!!!!!! Nice pot of hot chili!!!! LOL


Topped it with some shredded cheese. Optional of course but it was good!! Enjoy!

Remember smalls steps equals big change. Try this yummy dish. Remember you can be creative. Let me know what you think!!!! Enjoy!

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Chili/Soup Pot:


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